CS Realty Rental Appointments

Due to the current Covid-19 situation and to further reduce the spread thru person to person contact CS Realty & Relocation Services has implemented the following procedures for clients that absolutely NEED to move into a VACANT rental unit in the next 1-30 days. Most Occupied units, CANNOT be shown/viewed.

Requirements for rentals:

1. Min Household Income, 38x the rental. Min Yearly income of $xxx,000 (Click here for income chart) must be verifiable thru W2’s, Paystubs or any other verifiable income source.
2. If not employed must show 24 months income required, in a liquid banking/brokerage statement.
3. Credit Score ; 690 or greater unless you have zero debts or no credit, or never had a credit card or loan.
4. Broker’s Fee: One month paid by the tenant.
5. Move in date with 30 days.
6. Total funds needed to sign the lease: 1 month’s rent, 1 month’s security and 1 month’s broker’s fee. (unless paid by the landlord)

Procedures to view rentals after you have talked with a CS Realty Team member:

1. Please fill out the following forms before a CS Realty Realtor can meet you at the property. (first time clients only)
2. Copy of Valid Government ID. Ex. Driver license, passport, other.
3. Copy of credit score from credit karma or other source.
4. NYS Phase 2 compliant showing procedures OR you will be provided with 15 minute access to the unit without in-person showings. (you will be in the unit alone, no human contact) or you may view a live video presentation from the comfort of your home if a 3D Matterport Virtual Tour is not available.
5. We will only communicate via verbal phone conversations about the rental.

Procedures for signing a lease.
All paperwork (leases etc.) will be done via email and payments thru bank transfers.

Thank you

Craig A. Scher – The CS Realty Team
CS Realty & Relocation Services