FHA Government Insured Loans 3.5% Down Payment

FHA Government Insured Loans 3.5% Down
We are FHA specialists !
A 3.5% down payment will get you a FHA Government Insured Loan !
(Owner Occupied Only)

Loan limits are for Westchester County
(Effective Jan 1, 2022)
Condos & Townhouses $970,800
Single Family Houses $970,800 / Two Family Houses $1,243,050
Three Family Houses $1,502,475 / Four Family Houses $1,867,275

This is a full documentation loan ! EVERYTHING must be verified !

How do I qualify for this Loan?


Must be employed for the past 24 months in the same field (different jobs and self employed are acceptable)

Down payment:

You must have a minimum of 3.5% of the mortgage amount (Gifts are acceptable). Ex. $400,000 loan = $14,000 down payment.

Credit Score:

Minimum credit score of 580>

Closing Cost:

Your Closing cost will be approximately 5-6% of the mortgage amount. They may included the following: (All of these costs up to 6% of the purchase price may be paid by the seller as a contribution including the down payment)


To qualify, you will need to have at least two months of reserves: (Mortgage principal & interest, tax and insurance escrow. PITI ). Reserves may include, Mutual Funds, 401K, IRA's, retirement accounts.

FAQ regarding this type of Loan!

Q. Who can apply?
A. First time buyers, Repeat buyers, Owner occupied only!
Q. How much of my income should go to mortgage payments (PITI) and debts?
A. No more than 31% of your monthly income for Mortgage, Insurance, Taxes and HOA dues. No more than 43% of your monthly income including debts.
Q. What if I have had a bankruptcy?
A. If it has been discharged over 24 months and you have reestablished credit and are current it will be considered.
Q. Why are they lending to people with lower credit scores and so little down payment.
A. Unlike a no documentation loan and a no down payment loan, these borrowers have to be able to repay the loan and EVERYTHING is verified!
Q. How much will my interest rate be?
A. Competitive with any other conventional 15/30 year fixed mortgage. (This is fixed - NOT adjustable, no surprises, no teasers, no gimmicks, the same payment for the term! ) It starts low and stays low!
Q. Why is this loan becoming popular in Westchester today?
A. Because up until 2008 there was almost nothing available in the Loan limits. (they were less than half of today's amount) With these new amounts and falling prices there is a HUGE selection of inventory to choose from.
Q. What if the property I am purchasing is in need of repair or a foreclosure and there is no kitchen, working boiler and the roof leaks, Etc....
A. That's OK, you will get the extra money to fix it up based on the new appraised value after repairs. (this is the 203k mortgage program)
Q. What if I have more questions?
A. Call us, we are specialists in FHA loans or go to www.FHA.gov