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Active Listings

  1. Our Site has every listed property in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley that is on the HGMLS - and we have Private Rental Listings also !
  2. Searches - Less than 1 second for most results !
  3. When you enter a criteria the # of results shows in less than 1 second. ! You can then hit the run search button to see your results.
  4. Search by address - drive by a house, see a sign, enter the address. Again less than 1 second !
  5. If you want all the listings on a street just enter the street and city ! Try it, type Halstead in address and Harrison in City - you get every listing on Halstead Avenue in Harrison !
  6. If you want all the units in a building, enter the complex name, or the address, or just the street and the city and click coop or condo. Try it with City Pl for the address and click on condo - you get all the condos in Trump Towers White Plains, even if the complex name is spelled wrong !
  7. Looking for a Summer Rental or Short Term - you can search it !
  8. Have a pet and want a condo or coop - you can search it !
  9. Only want to spend so much on Coop Maint or Condo Charges and Taxes - you can search it !
  10. Horse Property - Waterfront - Golf Course - Yes, you can even search those and more...!
  11. You can save your search and anytime a new listing comes in you get an e-mail of that listing !
  12. And best of all! We have No Talking Orangutans on the site! Just simple quick info for the real estate consumer !

Sold Listings

What can I search and Why?
  1. Search 19 years of sold properties in the HGMLS over 160,000!
  2. Search by address, date sold (ranges), property type, get condo and coops with the unit #'s (coops are not real property and are not public information, but you can get it here!)
  3. Search by a radius of area ex. .25 .50 .75 miles from a certain sold address ( great if you are making an offer!)
  4. You can get all the solds on a street, just type in the street without the house #, you get everything on that street!
  5. This part of the site is a little slow, sorry but there is to much data ! Be patient, Thanks!