Solds/Rented - What can I search and Why?

  1. Search 19+ years of sold/rented properties in the HGMLS over 455,000 properties!
  2. Search by address, date sold/rented (ranges), property type, get condo and coops with the unit #'s (coops are not real property and are not public information, but you can get it here!)
  3. Search by a radius of area ex. .25 .50 .75 miles from a certain sold/rented address ( great if you are making an offer!)
  4. You can get all the solds/rented on a street, just type in the street without the house #, you get everything on that street!

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To access the sold/rented properties, you need to sign in to your account or create a new account (if you don't remember your password, use the "Reset Password" option). Why? The Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service requires this to search HGMLS listings that have been sold/rented. You do not need have an account to search active listings. The HGMLS sold/rented information is private and is not available freely to the general public. Since you will only be searching sold/rented listings, you and CS Realty Relocation will have no agency relationship. Should you decide to search active listings and request our services, an agency disclosure will apply.